Express Ticket To Success

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How We Used Our Secret Conversion System To Generate $43,742 In Affiliate Commissions In 7 Days Without Spending A Dime On Paid Ads.

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Express Ticket To Success

Express Ticket To Success

From Newbie Affiliate To Super Affiliate In 30 Days

Grab your share of… the most powerful results-based affiliate marketing training in the industry for life-changing income.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

Express Ticket To Success Full Program

  • Get access to the most powerful, results-inducing program in the world
  • Full over-the-shoulder training and step-by-step tutorials to teach you everything you need to start your affiliate marketing journey from zero to hero
  • Become a super affiliate and put your system into automation

Our 0-$5,000 In 30 Days A-Z Blueprint

  • Access our secret 30 days fast cash injection blueprint
  • Finally leverage ninja tactics and hidden strategies to put your affiliate marketing journey on steroids
  • This is the ultimate launchpad to your success

1 Live Call Every Week With Me And Dan

  • Feel alone in your journey?
  • Well that is a thing of the past
  • Every week you will be able to get on a live call with me and my partner Dan (Yes, 2 coaches for the price of 1)
  • We go through ALL your materials and give you feedback to guarantee your success.
  • Real heroes never leave their customers in the dark

1 FULL YEAR Of Membership And Coaching

  • 1 Month? 3 Months? Nope
  • How about 1 FULL YEAR of coaching!
  • You get access to me and Dan for 12 months
  • That means you can ask any questions, queries that you want and ALWAYS get a reply
  • We will always be by your side

Private Members-Only Community

  • By joining the program, you are not only getting training and coaching
  • You will also be able to connect with like-minded individuals that drive each other to succeed
  • Network and get help from the community and start building your wealth together

100% On High Converting Offers

  • Yes! 30%-50% Commissions are a thing of the past with us!
  • Leverage our network and social prowess to gain 100% commissions on products!
  • You will NOT find this anywhere else

Offers That Pay You For A Lifetime

  • Why Only Get Paid Once?
  • The secret to affiliate marketing in 2021 is to find offers that pay you today, tomorrow, 6 months from now or even 5 YEARS from now.
  • Don?t settle for measly 1-time commissions! We teach you how to earn $1000 commissions over and over again!

60 DFY Videos To Outrank Competition

  • Why start from scratch?
  • We’ve done the work for you!
  • Get 60 DFY videos to IMMEDIATELY gain instant traction and authority to outrank your competition
  • Just plug and play and start winning

Hack To Get Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic

  • Why hinder yourself and be stuck with 1 traffic source?
  • With our special hacks, you will be able to siphon traffic from EVERY well-known platform WITHOUT doing any additional work
  • You will get so much traffic, you won’t be able to turn it off

We Will Hand-Hold You Until You Get Your First Sale Within A Week

  • Who said earning commissions has to be slow?
  • Let us guide you to success and get you your first sale once you?ve set up our system!
  • Imagine earning your first commission in 7 days…the feeling is like no other

Leverage Our Team To 10X Your Traffic

  • Do It Yourself? BORING
  • Leverage our team to help you do all your posts and start multiplying your traffic. Our posts generate us at least $5,000/Month
  • These posts are MADE to convert people into $$$.
  • If you were to hire a designer and copywriter for these posts, it will cost you $3000 per month
  • But with us? It?s FREE!

The Keys To Our Kingdom

  • Want Everything We Have? Just Take It. Take it ALL!
  • Want a 1-click setup of the Secret Conversion System? DONE!
  • Want Our 10K/Month Automated Campaigns? Sure!
  • Want The Ultimate Bonus Bundle That Made Us 100 Sales In 24 Hours? You can have it!

    Want To Learn The Right Words To Say To Multiply Sales By 800%? Steal it!

  • Want To Leverage Our Audience So You Don?t Have To Build One From Scratch? Let me think… DONE!

You are literally getting everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer


I Have A Busy Schedule. How Much Time Does This Take?

We?ve got students juggling full-time jobs & young people who?ve got amazing results by starting with just 30-45 minutes a day.

Because this is self-paced there are no hard deadlines ? but you?ll be motivated with quick wins so we encourage a small daily commitment. Or, put in a bit of extra time on the weekends.

This income model is so incredibly efficient it takes very little time to get amazing results because you?ll be doing everything the right way from the start!

English Isn?t My First Language. Will That Make This Harder?

Not at all – in fact, about 30% of our current students are from non-English speaking countries. With today?s technologies and free tools, language is no barrier at all.

Not to mention – I am from Denmark and I can?t even speak proper English! Yet I am able to become the top 5% affiliate and earn 6 figures!

I don?t have many technical skills. Will that slow down my progress?

The fact you?re on this page proves you have all the tech skills you need to start! The tools we use to make money are very simple. Plus you get all the help you need with 24/7 support and the Facebook community.

Are There Other Investments Required After I Register?

Yes, like every business, you will need to invest in 2 software

1 software that cost – $19/Month – 14 Day Free Trial

1 Autoresponder (Email Manager) – 30 Day Free Trial

You can optionally invest in premium versions of certain software, but it is completely up to you

You effectively only need less than $100/Month to run this 5-figure business. That?s pretty cheap, all things considered.


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