Here’s How To Build A Sustainable PREDICTABLE Income Using Your Computer In Just A Few Hours A Day

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Introducing MAT1 Marketing & Affiliate Training!

A Complete Online Digital Library of Courses To Help You Build Sustainable Predictable Income You Can Rely On Month After Month!


I’m afraid if you’re looking for one of those rags to riches, living on the street, to turning it all around over night success stories, then you’re in the wrong place!

I’m not that person.

I’m not particularly remarkable, talented or even smart.

I am, however, very persistent (blind stubborness as my mother calls it) & consistent.

In other words…I keep going till I work out how something works.

I got into making money online early (2000) and mostly by accident.

It then took me 5 years working in my spare time to create a full time online income… but then I did try pretty much everything along the way to find out what works AND what I enjoy doing!

Over the last 15 years I’ve helped thousands of people start and build their online businesses and worked with a host of businesses and partners along the way, selling thousands of training courses and software.

Over the last 7 years I’ve run and managed over 50 Software/SaaS/Digital product launches across several platforms – generating millions of dollars for my partners & myself.

MAT1 is the culmination of all that experience and hard won knowledge.

I see product after product being released that only serve to distract & confuse new marketers with too many different options and possible paths.

I’ve designed MAT1 to lead any one, whether they are a total newbie or a seasoned marketer who is struggling to achieve their income goals, through the essential skills and tools and building blocks necessary to create a real reliable online business.

Here’s What’s You Get Inside MAT1

You’ll love that there’s an entire library dedicated to helping you develop the skills and steps necessary to build a solid long term online business in ANY niche.

This is premium high quality valuable training that you can use in a systematic way to achieve your online goals.

Here’s a breakdown of everything included:

52 Weekly Training pdfs

Every week, we’ll deliver you a different pdf lesson to help you build your business step-by-step, broken down in to manageable, actionable lessons..

Step by Step Checklists

Besides the incredible video library, you’ll receive these easy to follow checklists that help you get up and running quickly. Perfect for moving past all the chatter and getting results in as little time as possible.

Monthly Marketing Essentials Workshops

In depth, over the shoulder practical example webinars that help you follow the exact steps we take.

Monthly New “What’s Working Right Now” guides

The foundation for what it takes to succeed online never changes, but the METHODS sometimes do. Because we know you have a life outside of online marketing, we’ll take the driver’s seat and keep you up to date on what’s working at any given moment online.

This way you can take the guides, implement, and get results asap.

Monthly Q&A Webinars with Matt & Alex

While the training, pdfs, and checklists work great… we also know that you may need to have live demonstrations or just need a forum to get your questions answered.

These monthly workshops will do that for you. You come prepayellow with questions and we’ll help you work through the kinks of building your online business for massive success.

Training on Essential Tools

We do this for a living, we know what work and what makes running an online business easier – so we’ll show you the tried and tested tools we use and how to get the most from them.

The MAT1 MASSIVE Video Library – Over 200 videos included!

Every topic you could ever think about succeeding with online is all coveyellow in this video library. Full of examples, step by step, and how to’s…

when you pair this with the checklists, there’s absolutely no way you can lose.

Here’s a snaphost of just some of the videos alreadu included in the member’s area:

  1. WordPress Training: 39
  2. Authority Blogging: 9
  3. Affiliate Blogging: 10
  4. Affiliate Marketing: 30
  5. Basic Traffic Strategies: 10
  6. Advanced Traffic Strategies: 10
  7. Traffic Guide Videos: 12
  8. 25 Traffic Methods: 2
  9. SEO Getting Started: 10 + 4 pdf
  10. SEO Workshop: 20
  11. On Page SEO for WP: 9
  12. Modern Affiliate Marketing: 12 + pdf
  13. Social Media Marketing: 10 + 4 pdf
  14. YouTube Marketing: 9 + pdf
  15. Video Marketing: 16 + 3 pdf

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

mat1 is backed with No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product within that time period, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.


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