PX7 – Primal Flow


Shrinks Your Prostate Within Weeks To Give You Deeper Sleep, Supercharged Energy

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PX7 – Primal Flow

Introducing – PX7: Primal Flow


Now Let Me Reveal Some Of The “Secret Ingredients” And The Five-Step “Chain Reaction” They Create When Combined.

Step One:

Accelerated Absorption

Because these ingredients come from the purest locations and are formulated in a state-of-the-art USA lab, they’re easy for the body to absorb. Imagine these specially selected ingredients entering your system and your body immediately puts them to use. This is because your body has been craving these nutrients. In almost a fraction of a second, they’re pumping through your system.

Step Two:

DHT Destruction

Right now you’ve got years or even decades of DHT built up in your prostate. Every capsule of PX7: Primal Flow contains a rare plant that is known as the #1 enemy of DHT. (According to Medical News Today, Native Americans used it as a “male fertility supplement” for hundreds of years.)

This blend also contains not one, but three Japanese mushrooms. The Reishi mushrooms on their own are a powerful defense against your testosterone converting into DHT. The other two mushrooms lend backup, so that every time you visit the bathroom and release a “fire hose” stream, you’re flushing out more DHT.

Step Three:

Potent Purification

During this step, ingredients such as tomato fruit powder go to work, wiping out toxic bacteria that have been clogging your system for years. You also get the benefits of Cat’s Claw, an anti-inflammatory medicine used by indigenous cultures who live along the Amazon River in South America.

Step Four:

Sexual Activation

Here’s where two “miracle ingredients” enter the battle: stinging nettle root, a proven “firming agent” for erections, and a berry extract that is legendary for being a natural sex drive booster. Together, they have the effect of “turning back the clock” on your libido and the firmness and power of your hard-ons.

Step Five:

Stream Rejuvenation

This formula also includes natural green tea and broccoli leaf extracts, which are filled with healing nutrients and target the health of your urine stream and prostate. These two ingredients form a combination which “powers up” your urine flow so that you’ll empty your bladder to the last drop.

PX7: Primal Flow also includes a proprietary blend of 15 herbs that regulate your body’s natural hormonal balance, while increasing your body’s natural ability to fight off bacteria and neutralizing DHT whenever it appears in your system.


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