Time-Volume Training – Build Muscle Like Clockwork Honest Review in 2023

Time-Volume Training – Build Muscle Like Clockwork Honest Review in 2023
Time-Volume Training – Build Muscle Like Clockwork Honest Review in 2023

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This system adapts to WHATEVER you’ve got (or haven’t got!)…and all you have to do is count to 3.

Builds muscle automatically… literally like clockwork… even in experienced trainers in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond!

Develops a base of REAL strength that will push the numbers on your max lifts higher and higher, without hurting your joints

Produces “work horse” strength for all-day power and endurance that doesn’t quit or fade out

Recruits dormant muscle fibers that your body normally can’t access (and therefore can’t grow!)

Works for EVERYBODY from total beginner to very advanced

That’s me in the picture below at age 46… I’ve been a trainer, coach and bodybuilding author for more than 30 years (I started training at 16 years old), and I’ve developed a “paint-by-numbers simple” training system that does ALL of these things I talked about above and a LOT MORE.

Right now, with everything going on in the world, you may be forced to train at home with very little (or even NO) equipment…and you’re probably VERY concerned about losing your hard-earned mass and strength.

You don’t need to worry, though, because I’m going to GIVE you the solution below.

I love training heavy, just like you, however, your body doesn’t NEED heavy weights or fancy training equipment to build muscle and strength.

Your body responds to workload and overload.

If you’re training without the benefit of heavy weights for overload right now, in order to continue to build muscle and strength, you need to switch your focus to VOLUME for overload, not intensity.

And yes, while this means doing more sets with lighter weight, if you just start randomly doing a ton of sets like that, chasing fatigue without a strategy, you WON’T get the results you want.

Training density, not training intensity, is what you need to focus on.

Training intensity is not a measure of how loud you scream or how many veins pop out on your forehead when you lift weights… it’s a measure of how close you are to your One Rep Max (the most weight you can lift in an exercise for a single rep).

Training density is a measure of how much work you do within a certain timeframe.

And while there are no “official” ways to measure it, let’s say you bench press 200 lbs twenty times in 10 minutes…that works out to a “density” of 400 pounds per minute. If, next workout, you then get 25 reps in 10 minutes, that’s a density of 500 pounds per minute.

This increase in density means an increase in total workload…and your body responds to that training stimulus by building MUSCLE.

Within just a few workouts, your body will adapt to this style of training and start building muscle FAST.

There are a number of different ways to do density training…however, rather than tell you about those, I’m going to tell you about MINE.

I call it “Time-Volume Training” and it’s the simplest way to make unstoppable progress in your training that I’ve ever found…whether you’re training at home with hardly any equipment, or at the gym with a full selection of weights and machines.

THIS is what I was talking about.

Here’s how simple my Time-Volume Training method is…

Here’s what the method looks like on 10 seconds rest…

You’re not changing weights or changing exercises (making it PERFECT for home gym or bodyweight training)… you’re not even changing reps… you’re just changing REST periods in order to allow your muscles to keep working.

This means you can ramp up your muscle-building workload without crushing your nervous system, destroying your joints or even having to THINK about anything other than lifting the weight and counting to 3.

You do more sets and reps with LESS rest up front while you’re stronger (known as “front loading” by professional strength coaches), then as you fatigue, you do fewer sets with MORE rest.

This means you can continue to perform QUALITY work for longer…you don’t end up doing junk sets with bad form that can lead to injuries.

This strategic approach increases your effective “work” time, maximizing the muscle-building workload so that you build muscle no matter if you’re training in a full gym or with light weights or limited equipment.

Two words… Progressive Resistance…

Your body builds muscle when it experiences a NEED to build muscle.

And one of the STRONGEST “igniters” of muscle growth is an increase in weight.

Unfortunately, most programs don’t explain how to do this in a way that tells you EXACTLY when and how much to increase weights. This leaves you to either increase weights too fast, which will shut your progress down… or too slow, which will make your progress painfully slow.

If you can make it 1/3 of the way through the time block on 10 seconds rest, then next time you do the workout, you increase the weight. If you don’t make it 1/3 of the way through, then you stay at the same weight.

If your time block is 15 minutes and you make it through 5 minutes of sets on 10 seconds rest, you’ve earned the right to increase the weight next time. If you make it to 2 or 3 minutes, then you stay at the same weight until you DO make it past the 5 minute mark.

Then you just repeat the process over time.

The “standard” form of Time-Volume Training above is just scratching the surface of what you can do with this method. It’s one of the most versatile and powerful training strategies you can have in your arsenal.

I’ve created 13 different variations of hypertrophy/muscle-building training for TVT such as…

6 different versions targeted primarily for building strength, such as…

3 versions that work specifically for fat loss and conditioning and 5 that are targeted specifically for bodyweight-only training.

You CAN build muscle using bodyweight exercises only. If you have no training equipment, or you just enjoy bodyweight training, I’ll show you how to use Time-Volume Training to put on mass.

This program is a combination of Time-Volume Training and a simple strength training protocol. These two methods utilize the principle of accumulation (volume) and intensification (heavy weight) to build muscle and strength very effectively. When I tested this program on myself for 4 months, I put on 8 lbs of muscle with no additional bodyfat and added almost 100 pounds to my top-end deadlift, which is insane.

Because of the high-volume, moderate-intensity nature of TVT, it’s excellent for fat loss training. It’ll not only help you burn fat, it’s ideal for helping you keep and even build muscle and strength when on a fat-loss diet.

This is a short, plateau-buster style of program. You’ll take one exercise and massively overload it with strategic, targeted volume over the course of 5 days. If you’re a fan of fast results, this quick, powerful program is going to be exactly what you’re looking for.

Time-Volume Training can be adapted to focus on strength. In this program, you’ll learn how to adjust rep ranges, styles and exercise selection to build both base and top-end strength.

Got a particular muscle group you need to bring up? TVT is the perfect way to do it with. Targeted volume is one of the single best ways to improve a bodypart and no other method allows you to focus so specifically and effectively on a single muscle group. I’ll show you exactly how to set this up for maximum results.

I mentioned just a few of these at the top of the page…there are a LOT more. And now that you know exactly how the method works, you’ll be able to see the TRUE power of Time-Volume Training.

Your body will adapt to this style of training the only way it can…by building muscle in response to the volume-based overload.

And because the system is so regimented… literally like clockwork… it takes all the guesswork out of building muscle. This works no matter if you’re a complete beginner or an advanced trainer…the principles (and results) remain exactly the same.

Training methods similar to this have demonstrated superior results in research studies [9, 10, 11, 13, 14].

Think of your strength as a pyramid. The bigger the base of the pyramid, the higher you can build the peak.

In many intensity-based training programs, you can build a high peak, but you can’t maintain it for long….your body simply can’t sustain training at that level without breaking down. This is why you get injured when you push too hard to achieve peak strength…your joints start hurting, your muscles can’t recover and your nervous system gets exhausted.

If you’ve been stuck at a strength plateau, you don’t need to target your peak strength to get through it…you need to build your BASE…and that’s exactly what Time-Volume Training does.

All of these issues are side effects of high-intensity training programs where the intensity isn’t properly controlled or accounted for. Time-Volume Training is a “low stress” training style that doesn’t destroy your body.

Top-end strength (that most strength programs build) doesn’t necessarily translate into “all day long” strength, which is actually MORE applicable to what you’ll need in everyday life, especially if you do any manual labor.

If you want to BE a work horse, you need to TRAIN like a work horse…and that means putting in plenty of time under load. The more volume you can work yourself with (and still recover from), the more strength, power and muscle mass you’re going to gain [14, 15, 16, 17].

And there is no better way to put training volume on your body than Time-Volume Training.

As well, with Time-Volume Training, you don’t experience the same form breakdown and loss of power that you do with conventional training [18, 19, 20].

As I mentioned above, muscles only know workload and overload. The only two things an advanced trainer will do differently from a beginner is use more weight or different exercises. The principles of density training are exactly the same, regardless of whether you’re just getting started or you’re a grizzled gym veteran.

Now, this is something I’ve determined based on my own training experience.

When you lift a weight, your body recruits just enough muscle fibers to get the job done. As you get deeper and deeper into a set, the initial muscle fibers get exhausted and your body recruits additional fibers to keep the weight moving…until you get to the point where the available fibers can no longer move the weight.

In normal weight training, you never achieve enough training volume to recruit every single fiber in a muscle…there are always some that don’t get involved.

Time-Volume Training is different. Because you’re drilling down and exhausting muscle fibers over a much longer period of time and with more volume, this gives your body the chance to activate those dormant muscle fibers that it wouldn’t normally have a chance to get at.

More muscle fibers getting worked means more muscle growth.

The sub-maximal nature of the workout means that the first few minutes of the training are actually relatively easy. It functions like a built-in warm up.

Instead of doing multiple energy-draining “lead up” sets to prepare for a few heavy work sets, this approach gradually warms your muscles up using your exact work weight on the exact exercise you’re doing. As you get deeper into the time block, your work weight gradually becomes more and more challenging, giving you many of the same benefits of high-intensity training, without the wasted time and numerous warm-up sets.

Every single rep you do should be done with perfect form. You will never have compromised form due to fatigue, as happens with conventional training programs [21,22, 23]. And because you’ll be doing so many reps with that perfect form, and using a weight that you have full control over, you’ll be imprinting that perfect form directly into your nervous system.

Because you’re ALWAYS training well within your capabilities (and using perfect form!), you’re NEVER pushing your body to the point of breaking down. This pretty much eliminates the potential for acute injury. As long as you keep using good form, you will NOT get injured.

You can lift more weight for longer than you think you can…you just don’t realize it yet. Mental toughness is a skill that can be learned and developed. With TVT, your mind has to always be ready for the next 3 reps that are coming in just a matter of seconds.

Most weight training sets are done in less than a minute. Time-Volume Training is basically one long rest-pause or cluster set where you NEVER get substantial rest….sometimes for as long as 30 to 40 minutes at a time! With this training, your mental toughness and determination will skyrocket, because you’re constantly practicing it.

You get the benefits of resistance training…because you’re doing resistance training (of course).

The 3 rep sets work the ATP-PC system, which is the “power-oriented” energy system. It’s active for the first 1 to 10 seconds of work. Most weight training methods work the anaerobic energy system (a.k.a. the lactate system), which primarily functions between 10 to 60 seconds of work.

However, because you’re taking such short rest periods with Time-Volume, you’re working the aerobic energy system constantly for the entire workout (which is the same system you use during long-duration cardio such as fast walking).

This gives you the benefits of long-duration cardio training in addition to the benefits of resistance training.

Time-Volume Training can be the foundation of your entire training program…or it can be a method that you use for a specific bodypart to help bring it up… or as a method to get in a quick, effective workout when you’re stressed or in a hurry.

You can use it however it works best for you!

AND I got stronger during this time. Pretty hard thing to do as a 36 year old guy losing that much fat that quickly.

I love the TVT protocol, man, use this to brag on your work

And thank you for sharing the info, I attribute a large amount of these results to your science shared behind the TVT.

“Nick, I want to let you know I achieved great
results on my first 30 days of TVT.
I’m a 61-year-old man. I added 4 lbs of muscle and lost 1 lb. of fat.
Thanks for all you do.”Johnny Starling

Detailed instructions on how Time-Volume Training works and how to implement it in your own workouts and programs for maximum results.

The 7 complete programs described above…

13 variations of hypertrophy training for TVT, 6 versions targeted primarily for building strength, 3 that work specifically for fat loss and conditioning and 5 for bodyweight-only training.

A complete, mobile-friendly video library demonstrating every single method and workout included with the Time-Volume Training manual so that you know EXACTLY what you’re doing, every step of the way.

FREE downloads of all future updates to the book that I make. And since I was literally creating new versions of TVT right up until the moment I released it, I guarantee there will be plenty more coming. You’ll get EVERYTHING, no charge.

Full email support from ME, the author and creator of the program, whenever you need it.

This is an ebook, available by instant download so you don’t have to wait to get your hands on the info!

If you train at home (or at a gym) and have a power rack you can use, it opens up a MASSIVE amount of exercises you can do…a LOT more than just squats and bench presses!

You’ll discover amazing, new exercises like…

This is an ebook, available by instant download so you don’t have to wait to get your hands on the info!

I stand behind my programs 100%. Every concept, technique and workout has been tested and proven.

However, if this program doesn’t work for YOU, no problem. I’ll give you back every penny.

Answer: Absolutely. Your muscles only know workload and overload…it doesn’t matter if that workload is applied via bodyweight training, a pair of old cement dumbbells, or a suitcase full of books and expired cat food.

The beauty of the Time-Volume Training system is that workload is applied in such a manner that even LIGHT weight exercises can be highly effective for building muscle. Even if you can do 50 push-ups, you can use TVT to get a strong muscle-building effect from them…it just comes down to properly applied volume.

Answer: This program works GREAT for women. The only difference between how men and women will use this program will be the amount of weight used and the exercise selection. The training concepts are applied exactly the same, male or female.

For example, men generally (not always) want to focus on working the shoulders to get a wider upper body look while women (again, not always) tend to do more glute-focused work in their training. By choosing different exercises, you will target different goals and aspects of your physique.

Answer: This program is actually IDEAL for older trainers. Because Time-Volume Training stays away from failure and uses sub-maximal weight, you won’t see the same issues with joint pain and overtraining that often come with heavier-loading, higher-intensity programs. This style of training will be even MORE effective for building muscle because of that.

Again, you’ll have FULL control over your exercise selection, allowing you to work with whatever exercises you like, that don’t cause you pain or aggravate old injuries, and because the system is self-correcting, you’ll never push yourself too hard and set yourself back.

Answer: That and everything in between! The Time-Volume Training approach is fully customizable to whatever training level you’re at. If you’re a beginner, you’re going to choose exercises that you know how to do, with weight that you can easily handle.

If you’re an advanced trainer, you can work with some of more advanced Time-Volume Training variations, such as Single Rep TVT, Closed-Chain/Open-Chain TVT, Countdown TVT and more.

Answer: The program works no matter WHERE you train…at home, at the gym, outside, on the deck of a ship. You can apply the Time-Volume Training protocol to literally ANY form of resistance training you like.

In fact, in the program itself, in addition to regular weight training and bodyweight exercises, I will also show you how to best do it with unique exercises like Farmers Walks and other forms of loaded carries. This protocol works AMAZINGLY well for stuff like that.

Answer: Not at all! In fact, I will tell you a little secret…the nutrition section in the book basically says “follow your favorite dietary plan.” This program is ALL about training…nutrition is absolutely important, but I chose not to go beyond the scope of training in the book.

As far as supplements go, you don’t necessarily NEED supplements…however, they can be helpful, and I’ll tell you which ones are the MOST helpful. Bottom line, though, don’t need any supplements at all to see tremendous results from this program.

Answer: As many or as little as you want. You can do it once or twice a week, all the way up to six days a week. I give you full instructions in the book on how to use this program and put the workouts into action, including a variety of programs and suggested splits.

You can follow exactly what I tell you do to with “done for you” programs or put the workouts together to make your own masterpiece program perfectly customized to your training style and preferences.

Answer: The workouts are 100% adjustable to the time you have available. They can be anywhere between 10-15 minutes all the way up to 60 minutes…you choose the time the workout takes.

Answer: Definitely. In fact, one of the programs I’ve included in the book does exactly that…it’s half Time-Volume Training and half traditional low-rep, heavy strength training. It works GREAT for building mass and strength at the same time.

You can do something similar and use blocks of Time-Volume Training however you like inside a larger training program. You don’t have to do just Time-Volume Training only. You can use it however you like!

Answer: I’ve included a number of strength-focused workouts in the book that are specifically designed to build serious strength. And even though you CAN make progress with light to moderate weight, some of these versions utilize relatively heavy weight.

For example, one of the methods in the book is Single Rep Time Volume Training. Instead of doing 3-rep sets, you do 1 rep sets.

This is phenomenal for building strength because in a normal set, you generally lose your ideal body position after the first rep. With this technique, you reset your body into perfect position on every single rep.

And because you’re only resting 10 seconds between reps, you still maintain the nervous system activation from the previous rep. This keeps the nervous system “kindled” and ready to activate strongly for the next rep. It feels AWESOME and your nervous will get tuned to that exercise.

Answer: This program works with just about any exercise. That being said, there are some TVT workouts that are much better suited to compound exercises and some that are more targeted to isolation exercises.

Overall, though, the Time-Volume protocol can applied to just about any movement you like, using pretty much any form of training equipment, from bodyweight to bands to free weights or machines.

This is an ebook, available by instant download so you don’t have to wait to get your hands on the info!

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