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Teaching You EXACTLY How To Build Lean Muscle And Burn Belly Fat While Doing The Absolute BARE Minimum In The Gym

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The Minimal Muscle Blitz is going to:

  • Give you a foolproof muscle-building nutrition plan so simple a toddler could follow it (if you stick to this 90% of the time, you WILL build muscle).
  • Eliminate the stress of wondering when you're going to find 60 minutes + to get to the gym (the MM workouts are quick, dirty, and effective).
  • Help you shatter your size and strength plateau.
    Reveal the real reasons why it feels like you haven't built an ounce of muscle in the past 6 months (and how you can fix this overnight).
  • Banish man-boobs, muffin tops, and soggy love handles back to the hell from which they came.
  • Experience what it feels like to pull on a t-shirt, and have it fit like it was made for you (Gentlemen – the number one way to improve your style is to lose fat).
  • And much more…


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