Affiliate Millionaire

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How I Went From Newbie To Generating $1,493,482.70 Affiliate Commissions in Clickbank in 1 Year

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What Is Affiliate Millionaire ?

  • Affiliate Millionaire is the ULTIMATE ?step-by-step’ A-Z guide of going from $0 to $500+ per day with affiliate marketing
  • ?Beginner and newbie Friendly
  • ?Avoid getting your ad account shut down

Introducing Affiliate Millionaire

(No Monthly Fees EVER During Launch) Period

If you finally wanted the ultimate guide written by a total ?non-guru? – just a regular guy who ?cracked? the affiliate marketing code then Affiliate Millionaire could be just what you?ve been waiting for.

Pre Warm-Up – Affiliate Millionaire Mind-Set

  • #1 most important ?know your numbers? skill you MUST know otherwise you?ll struggle to ever make a profit
  • The 40/20/20 Diversification Rule – I always use this to run my own affiliate campaigns. Once I applied this method I always have constant winning campaigns coming in
  • How to understand the difference between ?High Risk and low risk? campaigns and what works the best for you

Module 1 – Research – Picking Your Hot Proven Offer

  • Finding the hottest niches/verticals
  • How to legally spy ACTUAL Hot Offers affiliates are running (let them spend their money, then you snipe)
  • Which trusted affiliate networks have the highest payouts, best conversions and have paid out on time for over 10 years in a row
  • How to earn up to $203 commission by selecting the best funnels
  • The Holy Grail ?A-List Offers? Playbook. Save 100?s hours of your time by going straight these proven offers

Module 2 – Creating The Perfect Lander

  • The 3 types of Landers that convert like crazy and you can run compliantly (quiz, splash, blog-style – we?ll show you exactly how)
  • The exact 4 QUESTIONS that boosted our click-through rate by 9% and were responsible for $37,956 in profit in 1 WEEK
  • Blog style lander which results in 400% cheaper click rates that Facebook love
  • The ?Splash Page? results in $1.73 EPCs that NOBODY else uses

Module 3 – ?Funnel Tastic? + Power Tracking

  • Creating the optimal email follow up sequence that has generated $500 > $1000 / day
  • Installing the pixels the RIGHT way to accurately track
  • How to place your pixel with Clickbanks NEW system (that no one is teaching yet) to skyrocket conversion rates
  • The ?Hidden? golden standard of ad tracker that cost pennies on the dollar, shows the winning 237% profitable campaigns
  • How to Work with Vendors to get the ULTIMATE ?Lookalike audiences? that some can get 1000

Module 4 – Targeting + Campaign Set up

  • Targeting
  • Ad ?AZ? structure
  • Campaign Structure
  • Audience Targeting
  • The PERFECT testing formula and daily ad spend
  • How to warm your ad account up using the ?german handshake? method which results in penny clicks on FB
  • BONUS The untapped hidden traffic source for affiliate marketing

Module 5 – The Perfect Ad Copy And Creatives

  • The secret outlets for the hottest converting images to use in your ad for as little as $5!
  • Got a SmartPhone? How To Create The Ultimate Ad In Your Own House for FREE regular house items that everyone has!
  • Screw expensive designers – Once you discovered this formula you’re never getting ripped off ever again
  • The DOUBLE conversion ad – How To Change the Angles of your Ad to Increase Conversions by over 50% (It?s free!)
  • How to use the #1 FB ad Copyrighters in the business then repurpose the ad to generate 5-10X variations

Module 6 – Launching the Campaign

  • What is the BEST time to turn your campaign on or it will BURN your budget and leave you penniless?
  • How to use the ?secret tracker? to find out when to launch your campaign and get the best conversion (you could boost your ROI by 349% using this method)
  • Dayparting software
  • Lifetime budget or Daily Budget? Which wins – find out the real answer (it might surprise you)
  • What is the optimal daily budget and # of days for ?testing? a campaign to find the winner and cut the losers

Module 7 – Optimise and Scale

  • How to study your winning campaign and scale fast using the S.H.A.F ?quickfire? method
  • Seeing the best time of days to run your ads and then leave them on autopilot.
  • Moving winners into ?Campaign Budget? Optimisation to Scale Fast
  • When And How To move to ?Manual Bidding? to ensure you are getting targets of 200-300% ROI
  • How to use the #1 FB ad Copyrighters in the business then repurpose the ad to generate 5-10X variations

And Much More…


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