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Lessons from Forex Market Masters

“Learn What Works From The Most Successful Forex Market Masters”

Would you like to know the secrets of the best traders and investors? Would you like to find out how did they get to the level of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars earnings a month? Some of them even more.…

Would you like to know what problems they faced in the way and how did they solve them? How did they deal with the stress, the loss, the frustration, the reluctance of the family? How did they learn and create the systems? What worked for them and what didn’t?

I have been researching such problems and solutions for the past 15 years.

Let’s get to know each other. My name is Dr. Dariusz Świerk. Next to my picture you can see the cover of my book that is the result of one of my research – interviews with some of the best traders in the word:

Here are the 6 most serious problems that trader pointed out:

We have described these problems, their causes and serious consequences. In a few cases, it turned out that traders knowledge coming only from trading experience is insufficient!

This was the case with issues related to stress in trading. One of the masters pointed out that he applied the Navy Seals solution to stress management. We decided to expand the training material on military stress psychology. Where, when not in the army, we have to deal with exceptionally strong combat stress, itsm effects and… effective solutions.

Now You Can Learn From Investing Champions And People Best in Their Fields.

One day, in just 10 hours, my friend lost an entire account, close to a million! Under the influence of strong stress he made several bad decisions. The result was zero money on the account.

It motivated me to find the best ways to deal with stress in trading. Except trading masters – it turned out that such solutions have elite special forces such as Navy Seals.

The other good source turned out to be solution used by pilots of the largest passenger aircraft. In this profession the smallest error under stress can cost hundreds of people a life. They can not afford it. They have the solution for effective, correct and safe work under pressure!

On this basis, I prepared for you a dozen techniques to deal with stress.

Traders using them are talking about: significantly less stress, return of sense of control over the situation, making better decisions and less mental strain.

“Now, 8 months after my first real-money transaction, I’m starting to gain regular profits trading real money on low stake. I went through some s*#t and now I know that this is the best way (for your psyche and your depo) to start making real profits.” Student Review

All masters close attention to the importance of discipline in trading. Without it you have no chance of a stable profit. No chance!

The best trades do not have discipline problems, they feel confident and free in every market situation. They can wait as long as they need to get the best market situation.

So the key question is: How to build your discipline?

To find the best methods for building an iron discipline we asked forex market masters what works best for them, we searched professional literature and research. Once again we reached into military psychology.

Thanks to that, we have created such training that allows you to have as strong discipline as you desire. Thanks to the exercises, the difficult issues will become easy for you.

By conducting research we have understood that as a trader you need primarily 3 elements: discipline, patience and resilience to market pressures. All this can be accomplished using a few simple exercises. It won’t take you more than 10 minutes a day. After a week you can notice the difference. 

You will learn the methods used in the elite Navy Seals, used for FBI and DEA training.

Your relatives and friends will also notice changes You can get the opinion of a person with very strong inner strength and immunity – able to endure a lot without any negative impact on your psyche.

“This course opened my eyes. Now I know that to trade on Forex I need not only a system (mastered, by the way), but also a whole lot of other things. If you don’t have them, making profits from Forex is really hard if not impossible.” Student Review

All forex market masters agree: “You can earn money only when you learn to control losses”.

Another very important topic is losses and how to handle with it. Losses can be the real psychological and financial tragedy for traders… But not for the forex market masters! This is a very important training module.

Loss control and control of mental reactions to losses are yet another essential pillar of your training.

Too many times I’ve seen situations when losing through to catastrophic results in trading: account balance and psyche. You will learn how to deal with this.

In one of the lessons you will learn the Japanese technique of improving your knowledge of the system, so that you will be able to recognize sets and formations in the blink of an eye.

Thanks to all of this you will get the priceless thing for a professional trader: better feeling of control, understanding of the system and the market.

Every day, traders all over the world lose millions of dollars because of strong emotions, fear, regret for lost opportunity and hope that the market will turn around. If you learn to control fear and other emotions, you will eliminate the mighty threat to your systematic profits.

“I was most impressed by the usage of Hatha Yoga techniques, i.e. relaxation techniques I had learnt as a teenager. Now I had a chance to recall them. Sir, I really felt heat flowing through my body, heartbeat in my ears, and deep calm and relaxation as if I had a good nap.” Student Review

For many years, traders have asked me how to solve various trader problems. I have selected over 100 key questions and have prepared answers based on the knowledge of the Masters.

This is a extraordinary educational resource, it can inspire you to look for your own solutions. Here are just some of the issues discussed:

“What I liked most is that the course made me aware of many problems on way to become a profitable trader that I hadn’t known about before or I hadn’t realized their importance.” Student Review

During the “Lessons from Forex Market Masters” course you will learn what distinguishes 10% of traders who constantly make money, from the remaining 90% who lose. You will learn How to join these 10% of profitable traders!

People do not like long-term plans, they want to have quick results. Traders are no exception. In this course you will find many “fast solutions”, but my goal was even deeper…The main goal of “Lessons from Forex Market Masters” course is helping you become a profitable trader, able to systematically increase your capital over many years.Based on the analysis of the best trader’s path, a map was created: “4 Stages of Accelerated Trader Development”. At every stage of your development, as a trader, special goals, tasks, challenges and exercises are accurately targeted.In trading, it is extremely important to look at long-term. It is very important, because it calms down and removes the pressure to be succeed every month. I know this from personal work with the trader.

“I loved a lot of things. For instance, now I know the power of compound interest and that you don’t have to make a fortune in a few days. Small but regular profits let you make a huge fortune after a while. ” Student Review

I’m starting a new research project which part is the survey. I would like to ask you only one thing: to complete the simple survey form (only 2-3 times during the whole course), describing what is going on with you and what elements of the course helped you most.It will be easy. You will receive a special form from us. Filling it will take you merely few minutes. That’s all!This is important to me, so in return I offer you great conditions for access to this Course…

The “Lessons from Forex Market Masters” course consists a total of 52 easy lessons: one lesson every week throughout the year. Directly to your email, no special account needed! No need any fancy software.

Over 1000 pages in all, including solutions from Masters, contemporary scientific research, techniques used for military and special forces. Everything provided in easy to understand and apply way.

In short, up to a year of training on key for trading topics:

∙ stress ∙ discipline ∙ losses ∙ emotions and fear ∙ expert answers ∙ organization of trading ∙ money management ∙ your shortest path to Master level ∙ what are the forex market masters and how to become one of them

There is no guarantee, that these techniques will work in your situation – but you can use this knowledge as a great inspiration for your own search for solutions.

You will receive your 1st lesson immediately after purchase on the order confirmation page & on your email address shortly after

If for some unknown reason you may find that “Lessons from Forex Market Masters” course is not for you and it is better to resign from trading…That’s OK. We give you a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee!Although, we can not and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools, or strategies, etc. What we can guarantee is your satisfaction with our training. So if you are not happy for any reason with our training, just ask for your money back. And in case of a monthly subscription: you can cancel anytime, no future charges will be charged.

✘ You think or have impression that earning money on the markets is easy or you are looking for easy earnings.✘ You’ve had or have serious mental problems. Stress and emotions that are caused by markets can permanently harm and destabilize your psyche. In this situation, find a qualified person to help you.✘ You’ve had or have gambling problems, especially if you are a member of Anonymous Gamblers. In this situation, find a qualified person to help you.If at least one of the points concerns you: for your good just stay away from the financial markets.

Of course you can start earning money on the market without this course. However, this will require you much more effort, cost and sacrifice. And you may never get the peak of your trading opportunities or you will only get it after many years of work. It is possible that you will never achieve it yourself.

You will receive your 1st lesson immediately after purchase on the order confirmation page & on your email address shortly after

There is no other such comprehensive training for traders in the world.

If I was able to convince you that this knowledge is really needed for you to succeed and yet you have not sign up for training and research – carefully consider – do you have a better choice?

Mentoring with someone of the best traders (if possible) can cost a dozen – tens of thousands of dollars a month. In addition, the best are not interested in small sums, because they earn enough money in the markets.

Many people learn from books (moderately good solution) or newsgroups (bad solution). Learning from books has the disadvantage that it is very slow. In this course you have a ready-made condensed knowledge, something like the essence of some of the top 40 major subject books. Do not forget that most books do not have forex market masters knowledge.

“Here’s my problems so far: I was overcome by emotions that led to complete chaos. After the course I know how to control them.” Student Review

The course brought me enormous knowledge about trading, which I have not been aware of until now. honestly, I’ve had problems with everything, from not following the system and testing every time new systems that can give good results. I like meditation the most. A lot of very good knowledge about which I did not know.

Thanks to the training, I started to pay attention to system testing and the enormous importance of mastering emotions in trading. I liked the most … The whole course. Really 🙂A systematic approach, simplicity and logic of the approach to systematic development.

At the beginning I would like to thank you that I became a participant in your course, which I really appreciate. For a long time I have been looking for something that could help me to put everything in its entirety.However, everything takes time. definitely so far, my discipline has improved, and not only in trading as well as in my personal life.

Methods of small steps are very affordable and if someone really depends on reaching a specific goal and he can achieve it, however, all you need in first place is patience, persistence and determination. I have noticed significant improvement on these surfaces.Generally, I like everything that you present in the course. each of us is different so there is a lot to choose in the course. Breathing techniques I like the most now, meditation and visualization too.

“I started to pay attention to details I didn’t notice before. Like, for example, concentration before the analysis and action, family conversations, that this is my job and I must stay calm.

I’ve traded for 4 years with no results. I understood that after I win I am so proud of myself, that eventually I go through a series of losses and I’m back where I was. After the courses I see a slight improvement and a step forward.”

“If I had to give one specific example of such change, I would say that now I understand that it is a trader who makes profits, not a system (I used to blame the system for my losses.)

As for the trading systems, that’s what the course taught me (this sentence is hanging framed on my wall): “Your aim, as a trader, is not not predict the price movement, but rather to thoroughly analyze the system rules.” This totally changed my approach toward trading.”

“Thanks to the course I know what I feel when I trade. And that our motivation and environment (family and friends) play a big part.”

“The psychological part of the course, like personality management, subpersonalities stuff, or SPECNAZ methods, is AWESOME!!! It really works, I do these exercises every day.”

“I used to trade randomly and without any strategy, so I usually lost more than I earned. Now my situation has changed drastically. I started looking at the market like a professional. I know that money spent on the course was a good investment that allowed me to look at me from the new perspective. And that helped me a lot.”

“I was always stressed when I was taking a position. I couldn’t stop looking at numbers. I was nervous as hell, so I couldn’t take good decisions and properly identify the signals. I wanted to win back my money all the time. And I lost almost all of it. After the course, I’m more prepared and focused. And I’m calmer.”

“Another thing practical in daily life is combat breathing. So simple, yet so useful. And I know the reason for the devastating thing that made me think of negative past events when working something out. I hope that thanks to the regular exercise Mind Guard I will eliminate the thoughts and memories or at least I will distance myself from them.”

“Maxims, exercises, and lessons about visualizations and stress. This knowledge (in the course) is like espresso, ristretto to be precise. Essence of trading handed on a plate. I guess nobody needs more knowledge. Just use it and, sooner or later, you will succeed.”

“I’m much calmer when I trade, I try not to think to much and to take positions according to the set rules. No emotions and trading by the strategy. No senseless transactions means you don’t have to ask yourself stupid questions like why did I push if there was no point to do so. I’m still learning how to be humble and patient.”

“I have come to realize that the problem resides in me. I knew nothing about the expected efficiency of the system or a maximum drawdown. Thanks to the training and simulation I know what to expect. I focused on two setups and I know their precise probability distribution.”

“Spectacular effects. Many things that, in my opinion, affect trading, turned out to be true. What is more, I learnt a lot of new things I didn’t know before. I quickly found out that the psychological aspects are the key factor of the efficient trading. My biggest problem was that I wrongly assumed that a good trader can predict market performance at any time, and then gain profits. After the course I know that the best use another method: they wait for the signal from the market. Until then, they are out.”

“I needed a few month to put myself together after the loss. I started looking for a system matching my personality and I decided to act step by step to start making profits as soon as possible while staying calm.”

“I will enumerate what I liked:

1. Systematic work — a new lesson every week (sometimes containing so much info you need a whole week to cover it.)

2. Course material sequence. It’s true that everything becomes clear at the end of the course and only then you truly understand previous lessons, but the steps provided in the Short Trader Development Map show what to do at every stage and what difficulties you may face.

3. Experts’ answers and conversations with traders — thanks to them you can find solutions to your own problems.”

“I tried Forex trading several times (my first time was more than 10 years ago.) But, as a rule, I was always a victim of a “snake bite effect.” I didn’t know how to separate truly important issues from the importantones and those of less significance”

“The main effect is a systematic work on myself. At the beginning I had problems with reworking the lesson, I had a period that I was a few lessons in the back. Now I’m working on discipline and I see that it is much better.I like the way of organizing the course the most. Weekly lesson to do and a set of exercises. You have to be forced sometimes, but in the end I start to notice how far I am on my own development than I was half a year ago.”

“What I like is a completely different view of the market, information about selecting systems (which can work and what is not), the importance of rules in trading.

I like the aspect of psychological trading that can be implemented in other areas of life.”

Right after purchase the course you will receive your 1st lesson on the order confirmation page & on your email address shortly after. Then, each week we will send you another lesson, to your email address (this is the easiest way). The full course consists of 52 lessons and lasts one year. You can pre-pay for a full year or you can pay a monthly subscription (12 payments in total).

Nope!Materials are prepared in pdf format, each 15-30 pages. All you need is an email and internet browser (we recommend Chrome, FireFox should also be OK) or some kind of PDF reader.

PS. Look – 60 days from now you can either nothing more than two months older person, or you can be on your safe way to financial freedom. You decide!

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