Honest Review in 2023 Honest Review in 2023 Honest Review in 2023

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Name: Richard HammelAge: 52Location: South AfricaDate:

My name is Richard Hammel and I’m a professional diamond and jewelry dealer. I have been dealing with diamonds, gemstones and jewelry for the last 20 years. In that time I have acquired immense knowledge working in the field and know the ins and outs of how it works. Using my knowledge as a gemologist and combining it with various sales channels I have managed to do very well for myself.

All the sales channels I have developed and managed are online, which means that the work I have managed to do and the success I have gained, has been possible to do with completely remote locations. And the suppliers I have been dealing with are from all over the world, suppliers of which you will get to know as well.

The diamond and jewelry industry is an incredibly secret and tough industry to get into, however I have managed and the knowledge it has taken to get here is now what I am going to share with all of you. This knowledge is not common knowledge, many of the things you will learn about are not something you will find somewhere else, unless you beg another diamond dealer to tell you their secrets… Which most likely is going to be very difficult to manage, as most of them keep their knowledge to themselves from fear of competition and other people finding out how to do what they are doing.

As I mentioned in the video above, all of this information I have, I am willing to give away. Reason being that I have sold off my whole jewelry business as I am looking to change lifestyle. And in order for all of this information to not go to waste, I have decided to share it with you. Sharing all of this information, knowing it will help a whole bunch of people live the life they deserve, gives me a great deal of satisfaction… And a little extra pocket money.

Please spend your time wisely and take a couple minutes to go through all of the material below, to fully get to know what I have to offer and don’t miss out on what is an opportunity of a lifetime for you.

This is not for someone who expects the money to be served to them on a silver platter. It requires reading all the given information thoroughly and making use of the tools supplied, in order to make it to the high sales levels described. It also requires ACTUAL work to do this, so please don’t expect to just sit around doing nothing. This is a proper business setup, which means it is an actual BUSINESS that has to be run.

Diamond Weight Calculator:

This tool is used for calculating a diamond’s carat weight based on the dimensions of the diamond. Using the dimensions of a diamond or gemstone and using a specific formula it is possible to get a very accurate estimate of the size of the given diamond. This tool can be very handy if you are dealing with diamonds already set in a piece of jewelry and thus not able to weigh it.

Diamond Value Calculator:

You will learn a lot about the values of diamonds and how to properly put a value on different kinds of quality diamonds. However it is sometimes nice to just be able to use a calculator for these things, which is why a diamond value calculator is also included to ease the workload that it can sometimes be to value diamonds, especially when dealing with lots of them.

Depending on the differently shaped diamonds it is possible to estimate the carat weight of the diamond based on the width of the given diamond. This size chart is very useful in helping to figure out the weight of a diamond if it is in a jewelry setting where it isn’t possible to measure the other dimensions of it in order to use the weight calculator mentioned above and thus you have to use other methods to determine the weight of it.

Diamond Weight Converter:

When dealing with loose diamonds it is very easy to just weigh them, if you have the right scale for it. But oftentimes you may not have a scale which is able to use the unit “carat” but perhaps only grams or similar weight units. This weight conversion tool will help in such cases, as it is able to take the given standard unit such as grams and convert it into carat.

As part of everything else you will get, in this setup you will also get my private contact information. This means that if at any time you may have questions or are in need of help, you can reach out to me directly. This contact information is not something that is public knowledge and it is only for users of this offer. Usually this kind of one to one / peer to peer consultation would cost hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars, as you basically get to “pick my brain” freely, for whatever information you may be looking for.

Those are just some of the many free tools which are included.

You should expect to be taken through a full curriculum about everything in the field of gemology. This means after this you will essentially be on the same level as your standard gemologist and understand everything in the field.

And on top of this you will also be taken through a full curriculum on advertising and selling the diamonds, gemstones and jewelry that you will learn about. This is as extensive as a basic advertising degree, but instead of being very widespread in many fields, it is completely aimed at selling those high value stones that we love to sell.

Instant Access To Everything

Picture this: You quit your dreadful 9-5 job that you are tired of waking up to do, every single morning. Knowing fairly well that you are just getting up to slave away and make lots of money for someone else. Well I promise you by going through all of what I have to teach you, you will be able to take that knowledge and material and quit whatever tiresome situation you may be in and start living the life that you deserve.
Or picture this: You already own a business or more and you are looking to expand into new areas. Using the material I provide you will be able to do just that, you will not only be able to enter a new industry, you will be able to enter one of the most profitable industries in the world and without having the risk that a usual newcomer would have.

I always wanted to be a diamond grader
I always wanted to sell high value items
I always wanted to be free to do whatever I wanted
I always wanted to be rich
I always wanted to build a successful companyI always wanted to quit the “rat race”!

Instant Access To Everything

Q: “Do I need any prior experience as a gemologist or sales person to succeed?”A: No absolutely no prior experience is needed, everything you will need you will be taught and all the tools you will be given and all you have to do you will be told.Q: “How fast will I be able to start making money if that is my incentive?”A: Once you have been through all the given material, you should be able to get setup and ready to make a steady flow of good money within about two months. It takes a little time as some of the sales channels require background checks, and paperwork which is actually what takes the longest. But as soon as those procedures are over you will start being able to make money.Q: “Does it require further investment to start making money?”A: Not necessarily, all of the sales channels you will learn about, won’t require further investment. Reason being is that most of the sales channels take into account the ability to first sell an item and then have them produced afterwards. This is a very common way of doing business when it comes to diamonds and jewelry. This way you will not have to have a very big inventory first and then sell later, as it would require a lot of money to get a very big inventory when it comes to diamonds and jewelry. In fact a lot of jewelers do this, if you walk into your local jeweler you will find that most likely the majority of pieces they have on display are just display pieces with simulant diamonds in them. Then once they are sold, the jeweler will have them made in the real thing. You will learn much more about this in the full course.

In order to make sure the information won’t become over-saturated, there is a limit on this offer. Once the countdown below runs out, the offer won’t be available any more, anywhere. So if you would like to take part in this once in a lifetime offer, your time is now!

Instant Access To Everything

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Be Aware Of Terms

Please be aware that while all the information and tools provided will be able to help you get actual success, it does require proper work, which means that I can’t guarantee any results if all that is done is only to read the material but not take action. Also the results which are possible to get, vary greatly depending on the methods used and to what extent the user may run their business. Please also note that all tools provided in the initial offer are free for the first month and afterwards it is a 15 USD monthly charge to have access to the tools provided. Should you decide to opt out of the subscription you will still have access to all the material downloaded by you, the only access that will be limited, will be to the online tools, which can be handy when actually running your diamond business.

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All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors. is backed with No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this product within that time period, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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